Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Message Videos

The first night I watched one of the videos “real quick” just to check the quality of the file. I planned on actually “evaluating” it the next day. The sales page says results are immediate. I’m not sure what he means by “immediate” but when I went to sleep that first night, after downloading the vids, I knew something was different. The subliminal messages had had an impact on my subconscious mind. My dreams had changed.

Usually, my dreams are cryptic, and hard to decipher. Now, they are powerful, vivid, and usually entail the theme of being either “Called Out” “Brought forward” or “Raised up”. (Dream interpreters, capitulate as you will, but for me, this says the confidence boosting power of the subliminal messages in the videos had begun doing it’s thing.)

The videos are actually a series of stunning still images, not a “Video” as I was expecting. They cycle through rapidly, keeping you interested, (even after watching them several times, you don’t know what’s coming up next)

I did, however, find myself distracted by trying to “catch” the subliminal messages on screen. I was able to see a few of them. That made me proud of myself, but still, it was distracting. I don’t think it detracted from the videos’ effectiveness at all. You might read the sales page and say “Yea, Right” but I believe the truth about the effects of these subliminal messaging videos is actually watered down a bit on the sales page.

For instance, After watching “Manifest money, love, sex” for 3 nights in a row, I began being approached by big Internet Marketing Names (Big to me, probably not so big to a guru, but what I would have previously considered “Out of my league”) About Joint Venturing with them on some products. In all the 3 years I’ve been struggling in Internet Marketing, NOBODY has ever approached me. Coincidence? I think not.

That just happens to be the $5K a day video you hear everyone talking about. I didn’t know it at the time, but once I realized it, I began to put the pieces together. (No, I’m not, as of this writing making $5k per day, BUT as these opportunities come along, it becomes more and more feasible)

The package comes with these titles:

Intelligent warrior-The start of it all, and a powerful image booster.

Achieve my social potential-this one has been helpful in my marriage. Subliminal messages relating to being approachable, likable and natural. I’m seeing results I’d been praying for for a LONG time.

Aggressive Manifestation-I wouldn’t watch this for more than 20 minutes in a day, You might feel some anxiety, but it’s powerful for helping you be more assertive and focused on the “Prize”-however you define that.

Bikini Power-Plants confidence boosting subliminals and Helps the guys work on their “Game”

Man Power-Plants confidence boosting subliminals, “I am attractive” type vibes start flowing from you. Helps the ladies spruce up their “Game”

Manifest Money-Sex-Love-This is the $5k a day video. Subliminal messages include “I can see and feel my success NOW” and terms aimed at increasing your “Money thermostat” Worth the price of the whole package, if you ask me.

Superior Technique-This one would be great for students, athletes and professionals in a Sales situation. Also leadership positions. Probably more applications than I can even think of.

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The Art of Subliminal Messages – Video in the Self-Help Industry

Subliminal messages video advertising is the use of words, images or sounds that are not initially seen for what they are. These are worked into various forms of media as a way to make hidden suggestions to those who view or hear the advertisement. In most cases well made subliminal message will go completely unnoticed by the conscious mind.

A number of filmmakers have taken the subliminal messages concept and incorporated it into their work. For example, the 2001 film Josie and the Pussycats used the concept heavily to drive the film’s plot. In the 2005 science fiction film Serenity, a specific subliminal message placed in an advertisement cause one character to react violently. Even two popular animated series, the Simpsons and Family Guy, aired episodes themed around subliminal advertising.

The truth is subliminal advertising really is not as potent as some people believe. While it may make for an interesting film or novel plot, this type of hidden advertisement will not persuade someone to do something or make a purchase. The most it will do is remind them of a product or brand name. In some cases, it might also make for an intriguing discussion when it is uncovered.

In the late 1950s, James M. Vicary, a market researcher, presented the first concepts for subliminal video advertising. He brought public attention to the practice at a press conference, announcing the formation of the Subliminal Projection Company. The initial reaction was anger and outrage. The public saw subliminal message advertising as mind control, and politicians stepped in to back them up (and possibly earn a few votes).

In all the confusion, Vicary’s initial explanation that subliminal message advertising could not force anyone to do anything they did not already want to do was largely ignored. The reality was that subliminal messages were no more persuasive than a blatant advertisement. Needless to say, after the negative public response, the Subliminal Projection Company was ended and Vicary removed himself from the practice.

In 1958, the use of subliminal message advertising was banned in America. About sixteen years later, it was also banned in Canada after the Pican Corporation aired advertisements that had been previously banned from American networks due to its use of subliminal message advertising. The ban was unanimous, especially considering that those who studied it found it did not work nearly as effectively as people previously believed.

Enter Dr. Georgi Lozanov who pioneered the concept of “super learning” in the 70’s. Dr. Lozanov used subliminal sound-induced brain synchronization to enhance the ability to learn. Through a series of rigorous tests, it was shown that his students learned five times more information then “non-study” students and also retained the information. To effectively “block and occupy” the conscious mind, Dr. Lozanov delivered information and messages in combination with 60-beat per measure baroque music. The exacting mathematical structure of the music sufficiently distracted the conscious mind while the information was injected directly into the subconscious. World governments, the military, athletes and individuals adopted these subliminal learning concepts whether the subject was match, an athletic endeavor, learning a new language, or surviving being shot down in the North Atlantic during World War II.

The Self-Help industry embraced subliminal messages as an effective way to help people overcome difficulties and literally reprogram themselves with more positive thoughts. With the right mix of programs and science, individuals now can kick back and relax and listen to positively programmed subliminal messages that are designed to program positive thoughts, release and let go of negative beliefs and emotions to unleash the person within and create an entire new reality.

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How Subliminal Message Videos Work

The power of the mind has been a topic of discussion not only with great thinkers of our time but has also been a topic of university studies. What our thinking is capable of producing is beyond all logic. The basic idea is that which you focus on becomes your reality. The problem is we don’t always seem to have complete control over our thoughts.

Our mind is separated into two parts: the conscious and subconscious (and some studies say there is a third part known as the super-conscious). What we think about, what we are exposed to from people saying and the media, as well as judgments we make from observing things daily, all come into the conscious mind. Of those things, that which we give the most attention to, that which we focus upon, store themselves in our subconscious. Our subconscious has no logic, it doesn’t understand when we are making a joke, it simply absorbs the information. If you say to someone “Oh I’m just stupid I guess,” but you don’t really mean it, you’re just making a light-hearted joke, if you say it enough times it gets stored in your subconscious. Your subconscious has no sense of humor, thus it doesn’t see the joke part, and pretty soon you truly start to believe you are stupid, and it becomes harder and harder for you to learn new skills, study for tests, etc., because of your lack of positive self-belief.

What positive thinking books, dvds, and cds do is encourage you to think in new ways with your conscious mind. When you can think in more positive ways, both about yourself and others, over time that is what your mind is focusing on and thus that is what you subconscious absorbs. Pretty soon you find yourself living a more positive upbeat life and you’re attracting all sorts of things your heart desires.

It sounds wonderful, yes? But it doesn’t happen right away with everyone, some it may even take years. This is where the power of subliminal messages come in. You’ve watched commercials for products and then suddenly had the urge to buy them, even when you sort of know you don’t need them, for example a bag of the latest Dorito chip flavor. That is because commercials use the same techniques for delivering subliminal messages to your subconscious. The constant repetition of positive messages and words in the ads about the products encourages us to go and purchase them.

Most of us don’t want bags of chips, we want more money, more love, and greater abundance of just about everything in our lives. Subliminal messages in music and videos can help you with this. Turn off the tv, turn off the radio, and pop in or download a song or video filled with positive subliminal messages. A lot of subliminal message videos and cds can be listened to or viewed in about ten minutes or less per day, and gradually you’ll start to see shifts in your life to more positive outlooks. Depending on how attached your subconscious is to the negative thoughts you were previously focusing on, working with positive subliminal message videos or cds can take their effect in as little as a few days or as long as a few months. Being able to think positive, whatever the method used to reach it, can produce amazing results in your life, you just have to have the patience and diligence to work with the process of transition.

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Be Inspired by the Different Subliminal Messages Videos

Because we’re humans, we feel all sorts of emotions, and not all of them are good. We go through pain, heartache, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, envy, jealousy-the list can go on and on. What makes it even harder is we don’t have enough methods on how to deal with them with grace. It seems like the more we fight them, the more they persist. This is one of the reasons why you need to watch a subliminal video message. How does a subliminal message work? On a daily basis, it’s your conscious mind that’s always on the job. You use it to process information, analyze situations, and make decisions. Moreover, you use your decision based on the memories stored in your conscious mind. The main issue with the conscious mind, however, is you can influence it. If you’re overwhelmed with emotions and you allow them to take charge, you will never be able to make excellent or sound decisions. What should you do then? You tap on your subconscious mind. It’s a part of your mind you often take for granted. However, it can be extremely powerful. Since you don’t have any control on how your subconscious mind functions, it is not affected by what you feel. It can also influence your conscious mind. Along with the subconscious mind, you use subliminal video messages. These messages are sometimes known as affirmations or positive statements. Their main goal is to fill your subconscious mind with good messages until they form part of your new belief system. For example, subliminal messages may tell you that you can overcome your pain, there’s always a good day ahead of you, and a lot of people love you. If you’re feeling depressed and you’re suddenly filled with messages, wouldn’t your emotions change from something bad to good? For sure it would. But for your subliminal messages to really work, it’s not enough to listen, see, or hear them once. You need to repeat them a lot of times. The subconscious mind is deep seated, so the messages go through the conscious mind first. If you repeat them only a few times, they will only be rejected by the conscious mind. You can obtain the subliminal messages in different ways. There are offered as mp3 downloads and subliminal videos. Between the two, the latter is better. A subliminal message video combines vision, sound, and text. Based on studies, it’s faster and easier for you to understand and remember the message when it’s presented in these three forms. How to Get a Subliminal Messaging Video You can have a subliminal message video in a variety of ways. Usually the first step is to go to video-sharing websites like YouTube where millions of videos are available and are for free. But you may come across those from non-experts and learn the wrong methods in using subliminal messages. It’s always best to obtain your subliminal materials from the experts such as Nelson Berry. Their websites are filled with videos, which you can get at no extra cost once you sign up to their newsletter. You can also watch them in their blogs.

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